Tioga Restaurant / Brewery / Wells Heads / Potential Housing Site

Mono County APN  021-080-025-000

This 32 acre site is located contiguous to the Tioga Inn hotel/motel site and is on both sides of State Highway 395.

The site includes the current “Vista Point” turnaround with spectacular Mono Basin views which is the proposed (approved) restaurant site, a small employee housing compound with five single units and a common area with kitchen and laundry, and on the east side of Highway 395 there are two well houses with three combines wells. The two significant artisan wells were established less than 10 years ago and are drilled to a depth of 600 feet. The current water level is approximately 350 feet. These wells provide water up to the 300,000 gallon water tank located in the Lee Vining Housing parcel. The current replacement value of this water system alone is in excess of $2,000,000. The natural water quality is excellent.

The bulk of the parcel is gently down sloping land prime for development. The current owner has proposed up to 100 units of workforce/employee housing on this sire. Approval of such development would most likely be approved in the most current political environment. This type of housing development could be joint ventured with government sponsored housing, local industry, or simply developed for additional onsite employee housing for the future development within the complex. The site lends itself to all sorts of design opportunities. Excellent views and solar aspect.

Political environment: