Tioga Inn Site

133 Vista Point Drive, Lee Vining, CA
Mono County APN  021-080-029-000

This 27 acre site lies below (east) the Tioga Gas Mart property. It is contiguous to the Gas Mart parcel and the Restaurant parcel. The parcel is approved in the Specific Plan for a 2-story above ground 120 room hotel/motel with coffee shop, swimming pool, banquet/conference room, gift shop, etc. The Specific Plan representation of the hotel was a linear design along the naturally occurring shelf on the site. The rooms would orient towards the spectacular view of Mono Lake.

After years of looking at the site and the slight downward slope, the current owner envisions the development as having a subterranean level that would spill-out to a pool and spa area that would include a large grassy area for special events including weddings. The outdoor venue could come inside to a banquet/meeting room on the subterranean level. This lower level could include additional spa features, eating facilities, etc. The two upper and above ground levels are envisioned to be design primarily as guest rooms.

There are currently two large grassy areas and dedicated parking on the site to accommodate activities and peak crowds at the the Tioga Gas Mart.