Listing Specifics

Gas Mart & Whoa Nellie Deli

MONO COUNTY APN 021-080-028-000

This is the strong cash flow component of the complex. The total site is 3.04 acres. The property includes 180 feet of frontage on Tioga Pass Road (Hwy. 120) and 400 feet on Vista Point Drive.

“The Mobil” is the closest fueling station to the east gate of Yosemite National Park. It also features the most competitive fuel prices in the immediate region. The station features four pump islands under a 1,632 square foot canopy. Pumps were upgraded in 2021. There are two underground double-wall fiberglass tanks of 12,000 gallons each. The gas station operates year-round. The station incudes an RV dump. An electronic vehicle (EV) charging station is slated for construction to the south of the current fueling station.

The Mart and Deli building is 7,085 square feet and includes a large commercial kitchen with both inside and outside service capability. The Deli features a ‘gourmet” menu and pizza menu.

The Mart offers a wide variety of products suitable for visitors to the area; food, snacks and refreshments including alcoholic beverages, popular miscellaneous souvenirs of the Yosemite and Mono Lake regions, camping equipment, and all sorts of other related items.

The Mart/Deli has extensive refrigeration including separate Mart and Deli walk-in refrigerators and freezers. There is extensive dry storage. The Mart/Deli owns and operates a State of California ABC On-Sale General Eating Place liquor license. There are multiple offices upstairs.

There is indoor seating and booths and extensive outdoor seating in both grassy and hard surface areas. Outdoor area is flexible to accommodate summer customers and crowds. In the past there have been successful music events in this location. The outdoor areas have excellent solar exposure and incredible views of Mono Lake and the Sierra Nevada.

There is extensive parking all around the Mart site on both paved and gravel lots and on Hwy. 120. The Mart building solar panel system was installed in 2016.


  • 2021:   $730,397
  • 2020:   –$19,461
  • 2019:   $686,226
  • 2018:   $670,838
  • 2017:   $578,567

Lee Vining Housing

MONO COUNTY APN 021-080-026-000

This is a broad revenue/benefit opportunity of existing housing units. The units can be utilized for open market rentals and/or direct employee/workforce housing. The site is 6.84 acres. The site sits at the highest elevation of the complex and overlooks the other locations/parcels. There are spectacular views of Mono Lake. The site opens to non-private lands in the rear and sides.

There are multiple improvements in this component. 

• Garden style apartment complex containing 8 units in 5 apartment buildings. The buildings comprise three duplex buildings and two modular units. Gross rentable area is 9,434 square feet. 

• There are five additional seasonal employee “storage” units with separate common area including kitchen and laundry. 

• Large complex maintenance garage with full bathroom.

• 300,000 gallon water tank that services the entire complex, recently re-coated on interior.

• Open space for possible further development of additional units but currently opportune for seasonal employees with RVs and trailers. 

• Cell tower that produces ~$28,000 in rental income annually with no expense.

Tioga Inn Site

MONO COUNTY APN  021-080-029-000

This 27 acre site lies below (east) the Tioga Gas Mart property. It is contiguous to the Gas Mart parcel and the Restaurant parcel. The parcel is approved in the Specific Plan for a 2-story above ground 120 room hotel/motel with coffee shop, swimming pool, banquet/conference room, gift shop, etc. The Specific Plan representation of the hotel was a linear design along the naturally occurring shelf on the site. The rooms would orient towards the spectacular view of Mono Lake.

After years of looking at the site and the slight downward slope, the current owner envisions the development as having a subterranean level that would spill-out to a pool and spa area that would include a large grassy area for special events including weddings. The outdoor venue could come inside to a banquet/meeting room on the subterranean level. This lower level could include additional spa features, eating facilities, etc. The two upper and above ground levels are envisioned to be design primarily as guest rooms.

There are currently two large grassy areas and dedicated parking on the site to accommodate activities and peak crowds at the the Tioga Gas Mart.

Tioga Restaurant / Brewery / Wells Heads / Potential Housing Site

MONO COUNTY APN  021-080-025-000

This 32 acre site is located contiguous to the Tioga Inn hotel/motel site and is on both sides of State Highway 395.

The site includes the current “Vista Point” turnaround with spectacular Mono Basin views which is the proposed (approved) restaurant site, a small employee housing compound with five single units and a common area with kitchen and laundry, and on the east side of Highway 395 there are two well houses with three combines wells. The two significant artisan wells were established less than 10 years ago and are drilled to a depth of 600 feet. The current water level is approximately 350 feet. These wells provide water up to the 300,000 gallon water tank located in the Lee Vining Housing parcel. The current replacement value of this water system alone is in excess of $2,000,000. The natural water quality is excellent.

The bulk of the parcel is gently down sloping land prime for development. The current owner has proposed up to 100 units of workforce/employee housing on this sire. Approval of such development would most likely be approved in the most current political environment. This type of housing development could be joint ventured with government sponsored housing, local industry, or simply developed for additional onsite employee housing for the future development within the complex. The site lends itself to all sorts of design opportunities. Excellent views and solar aspect.

Political environment: